What Scores Do I Need To Pass The BBA Chula Entrance Exam?

Getting admission to Chulalongkorn University is a dream for many international students. You would have probably heard that the BBA program at the university is a popular career option for a lot of students. Let’s learn more about the program and the BBA chula (bba จุฬา คะแนน, which is the term in Thai) score you need for it.

Get To Know About The Program

BBA, also known as Bachelor of Business Administration, is an international program of Chulalongkorn University. Their International programs meet the needs of students who wish to prepare for a career that is international in scope.

This program prepares highly competent graduates with a deep business understanding to make them suitable for various management positions.

Why Should You Apply?

This university is widely recognized and a popular destination for international students. The program invites many applicants and a massive amount of competition between foreign applicants. Anyone interested in applying for this faculty should be well prepared from the very start as the entrance exams in the university are pretty hard to qualify.

Minimum Scores Required For The BBA Chula Entrance Exam


If you are applying for the program, you will need a minimum total IELTS score of 6.5.


There Are Two Types Of TOEFL Exams:

The TOEFL ITP is a test to evaluate your level of English-language proficiency. Students can take this test at a test center or online.

The TOEFL IBT is a computer-based test available for anyone to take.

Note: The TOEFL score must not be less than 79, which is the minimum requirement for admission in the BBA chula.


The CU-AAT exam is the university entrance test for Chulalongkorn University. It is divided into four sections: Mathematics, General English, Logical Reasoning, and Writing. The student gets 70 minutes to complete the exam, where each part has 800 points, including two pieces of 1,600 points. The minimum score to qualify for the program is 1,200.


The SAT exam is a standardized test of your cognitive skills and English language proficiency, developed by the College Board. The test is accepted by the majority of colleges in the United States. The SAT focuses heavily on critical thinking skills. It has two components, Evidence-based Reading and Writing, and Math, which is worth a total of 1,600 points. For the BBA Chula program, the required SAT score must be a minimum of 1,270.


ACT is one of the most popular tests taken by foreign students. The test is divided into four sections: English, Math Reasoning, Science, and Reading. The ACT is the same as the SAT, except with different exam contents. ACT scores must be a minimum of 27 points to qualify for the BBA program.

Wrapping Up

Suppose you want to prepare for the entrance exam for BBA Chulalongkorn University successfully. In that case, it is necessary to improve the candidate’s English writing, reading, and analytical skills and improve the candidate’s critical thinking skills. Therefore, we would advise you to give a reasonable amount of time in research and planning to qualify for the exam. A clear plan will help you to reach your goals more quickly. Moreover, this will get you a ticket to the BBA chula program without any difficulties.