Finding out about the mysterious ayahuasca

There are so many mystical things in the world that one does not know about, that it does not even bear thinking. Nowadays, it has become a commonplace to take a trip to anywhere in the world and the adventerous Amazon rainforests are also alluring destinations for travel lovers. When it comes to Amazon rainforests, the masterplant deserves a special mention. In this article, you will find out about the amazing ayahuasca plant which has gained world wide fame and attracts a lot of visitors to the treatment centers.

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The Ayahuasca is a plant or vine found mainly in the forests along the Amazonian basins of the rainforests. It has amazing effects and consists of some natural ingredients which can create hallucinogenic effects in your brain. The other names this plant is known by is ayawaska, yage or capi. The tribes in the Amazon use this vine for ceremonial purposes. On a scientific basis, the plant is also known as banisteriopsis caapi.  The chemical DMT is a component which consists of hallucinogenic properties. A concoction is prepared from the plant drinking which is said to cure a lot of mental and physical ailmentss. However, you are required to drink this plant brew after a lot of rigorous procedures and under the guidance of a trained, experienced and ethical shaman. The ayahuasca center is for ceremonies like this.  The ayahuasca plant is a vine that is gigantic in length of 30 meters. It also boasts of pale white or pink flowers.  Normally this brew is used by the communities for healing purposes and communication with the other side of the world.

Conclusive summary

However, in the modern world the caapi plant has made a name for itself in the medical market.  As such, there is a boom in ayahuasca tourism as many people flock to the treatment centers to take part in the ayahuasca ceremonies.  Apparently this plant can cause a lot of healing ailments and it also aids in reducing addictions. The most severe effect and common effect of consuming this concoction include appalling nausea and hallucinations. The chacruna leaves are used to prepare this drink, along with other ingredients. But once you are at an ayahuasca retreat, you will need to undergo a special diet for a month and abstain from tobacco, alchohol and meat. This is called cleansing of the soul for a success treatment.