Taking the Smart Home Game to another Level with Google

Google is known as the world’s number one search engine of the internet. You get the answers to literally every question that you type in, but of course, we all know that already. So how is it that Google and Smart Homes go hand in hand?

Well, Google has over the years diversified into different industries, including that of software, advertising and now smart devices too. Their Nest range is what caters to Smart Homes, bringing with it brilliant technology that is compatible with all sorts of software and other voice assistants, apart from its very own Google Assistant.

Here are some of the brilliant smart home devices from Google’s Nest range that are not only affordable and easy to install, but they bring with them this convenience that you didn’t know you needed.

Google Nest Wi-Fi Router and Point

The Nest Wi-Fi router and point when paired together are quite the powerful duo. But each device is good for a lot of things on its own as well. The Nest Wi-Fi Router is probably one of the best and very first smart routers there is. With the ability to blanket an area of 2200 square feet with seamless connectivity, the device alone can eliminate any dead corners and buffering issues.

Along with that, its setting can be accessed from the Google Home app just as with all Google Nest devices. From the app, users can enable parental controls, like restricting certain content or even restricting network access to specific devices.

When the Nest Wi-Fi Point is paired with the Router, as we already mentioned, it is quite the powerful duo. Together the two devices have the ability to support the connectivity of around 200 devices simultaneously – so imagine how great that is for a smart home that utilizes multiple smart devices. Not only that, but they provide connectivity to a total area of 3800 square feet!

Google Nest Learning Thermostat

Smart homes are all about smart technology, and what better than to install a smart thermostat in place of your regular one? The Google Nest Learning Thermostat is by far one of the most brilliant devices among the rest within the Nest category. They have been known to save around an average of 10{92dd097586ce9b9114730d8ad21121d4cd3f073cab5eab11cfb97a71b1997dbc} to 12{92dd097586ce9b9114730d8ad21121d4cd3f073cab5eab11cfb97a71b1997dbc} on home heating bills, and 15{92dd097586ce9b9114730d8ad21121d4cd3f073cab5eab11cfb97a71b1997dbc} on cooling bills.

This thermostat is accessible through the Google Home app, where users can switch the device on or off regardless of whether they’re home or not, and set schedules for the device to follow as well. But that isn’t even the only brilliant feature about this device – as its name suggests, it has the ability to quite literally learn the preferred temperature settings of a home and can adjust itself accordingly throughout the day, which includes shutting itself off when no one’s around. Not only does this exempt users from having to manually adjust the temperatures from the device itself, but such a feature allows them to rest assure that they don’t have to worry about adjusting temperatures or wasting electricity for that matter.

Google Nest Doorbell

A smart doorbell is always a smart idea. It only adds to the safety and protection of your home. So why is the Google Nest Doorbell a good option? This device comes in both, battery-operated and wired variants which are equally easy to install. Boasting a video quality in HD, the Nest Doorbell camera displays a wide-angle view, colored image and comes with night vision too for clear vision even in the dark.

Answer your doorbell from wherever you are, through the Google Home app on your mobile phones and receive alerts every time the bell rings or even if the device detects movement within the activity zone. The doorbell video feed is accessible 24/7, with a 3-hour history to preview at a later time. Here’s a great feature though, with an additional subscription to Nest Aware, users can unlock some pretty cool features, for instance like facial recognition, or extra hours of video storage.

Google Nest Protect

Smart devices don’t just stop at things like smart video doorbells or thermostats, there’s also smart smoke detectors, and the Nest Protect is a great contender. The Nest Protect has the ability to pick up on any potential hazard; anything from smoldering to fast-burning fires, as well as carbon monoxide leaks thanks to its wide range detection.

Given that the device is connected to our smartphones via the Google Home app, just like all smart devices work, the Nest Protect also sends an alert anytime it detects something, or simply even if the batteries need a change. And thanks to the mobile app, users can switch off false alarms and battery alerts from their smartphones – and voice assistants too! Yes that’s right, the Nest Protect can sync to certain smart speakers and voice assistants, enabling voice control for the device.

Google’s Nest range is by far nothing short of brilliant, and with all that technology it brings with it comes the convenience you didn’t know you needed. These devices are affordable, and for those that think otherwise, think of it in this way: the price you pay is an investment into your home, so it is definitely worth it! You can find these at FirstEnergy Home’s website, www.firstenergyhome.com. Head on over and check out their smart home catalog that lists some of the best that Google’s Nest range has to offer.