Granite flooring is gaining popularity from the last few years, maybe because of the wide range of benefits it provides and the availability of great designs. Granite flooring looks elegant and beautiful. This flooring can also withstand harsh use and hardwearing.  Granite floor tiles are like a strong and durable natural stone. If you take care of it properly then granite is very stylish and practical flooring. Granite floor covering provides great functionality to your home as well it adds great aesthetics to your property. It increases the value of your property. Other than flooring, granite is also used as countertop material in kitchens, around sinks or in baths and even on walls. But it has great significant value when it comes to flooring. Some of tea vantages that granite flooring provides include:


Granite comes in a variety of different patterns and colors. This means you have endless options when it comes to choose a design according to your preferences. Granite gives your place a feel of sophistication and adds a character. This type of flooring also adds a warm tone to your home. There are four main types of finishes that are applied to granite flooring:

  • Polished granite
  • Honed granite
  • Brushed granite
  • Flamed granite

Polished granite:

Polished granite is suitable for low traffic areas. Granite produces a high shine when it is polished. Polishing granite gives a reflective look and highlights the character of your stones. Polishing makes the granite stones appear darker and color seems rich. But beware, as the higher the polish the more slippery the tiles will be.

Honed granite:

Honed granite is not as reflective as polished granite. It is recommended to be used in high traffic areas. It has more matte finish. This finish is also flatter than a full gloss of polish.

Flamed granite:

A high intensity flame is applied to the surface of the stone for a highly textured and rough surface of the floor. Flame granite is ideal to be used for outdoor applications.

Brushed granite:

Granite’s surface appears to be close, silky and finely structured with brush finish.

Color variations from tile to tile are normal as granite is a natural material but it should not be a problem. A beautiful character is added to your floor by the uniqueness of each tile.


Granite is a natural hard stone that is nearly impossible to break down. Granite flooring can last a lifetime if maintained properly. It will remain in great condition with proper care. Granite flooring can get stained with spills if not clean immediately. But one of the greatest benefits of having granite flooring is it is really easy to clean. Granite flooring can be mopped and swept after every few days to avoid staining. Granite flooring provides excellent resistance to scratches and is also heat resistant.

Hypoallergenic qualities:

Granite flooring is the perfect option for you if you have asthma or other allergies as it is resistant to bacteria and other allergens.