These Are 5 Tips To Design Your Custom Logo Floor Mats

Would you like to create a logo floor mat that is uniquely yours? If so, you’ll want to follow these five tips. By following these tips, you’ll be able to design a floor mat that features your company’s logo in a creative and eye-catching way. Plus, your logo floor mat will be the perfect addition to your business’s branding efforts. So be sure to read on for all the details!

Floor Mats With Custom Logos

Your logo mat design should not be complicated. The key to designing the perfect logo mat is to keep these three goals in mind:

  • It should be easily visible. It is not just the placement that is important in making your mats visible. Also, ensure the image is large and clear enough to be easily noticed.
  • It should convey the right message. The message you want to convey through your custom logo mat design must be consistent with your company.
  • It should look good. It should be visually appealing by using the right colors, fonts, and images.

These are some ways to create the perfect mat design.

  1. Consistency And Consistency Are Key

When designing your custom logo mats, consistency is essential. You can maintain consistency in your logo, color scheme, design elements, and other branding elements to underline your existing brand image. Your logo mat should match your brand’s look rather than stand out.

  1. Make Sure It Is Clutter-Free

Avoid creating a ‘busy’ mat design. A lot of clutter can distract from the brand’s goal of making the best visual impact. You don’t have to keep things the same. To create a clutter-free design for your logo mat, you need to choose one image that is the focus. It could be your logo, your brand name, or a welcome message. All other surrounding elements should only accent the main design.

  1. Find The Best Orientation

You can choose to print horizontally or vertically depending on your design and the area you have for your logo mat. It is almost always better to print logo mats in large entranceways horizontally. While those leading towards a hallway might be more suitable for portrait orientation, they are still a good choice.

  1. Contrasting Colors Draw Attention

Your logo mats should be designed in a complementary color scheme. The colors of the same family are more likely to wash together, while too sharp colors will cause clashes and create a cluttered look.

  1. Look For Quality

It’s not enough to have a great design for your logo mats. The quality of the mat and how it was printed will determine the final result. Choose the right company to rent a logo mat so you get the most from your design.

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