Step Up With TCAS University And Build A Stong Career

A safe and successful career is a wish of everyone around. The word career creates a surrounding of stress for a student, and it is confusing for Many who are not determined about what step to take for the future. Education with the best and most supportive faculty and good institution is a dream for all.

A step towards your prosperity and dream starts with TCAS, Chulalongkorn University. The university serves a wide variety of educational courses for its students. The question arises: which department and faculty should be chosen to move further. So the answer to this question is the entrance examination of TCAS Chula (tcas จุฬา, which is the term in Thai).

The entrance examination is set to determine a student’s ability, knowledge and skill to guide them on the proper path of their career. The university recently declared the new exam calendar for the current year’s Entrance examination. The admission procedure will comprise four rounds, starting with an interview of the students.


Round 1 Portfolio

  • Application date: 13 – 23 Dec.
  • An announcement of the names of qualified applicants for an interview on 19 January.
  • Announcement of results within the system: 7 February.
  • Confirm rights within the system: 7-8 Feb.
  • Waiver of rights within the system: 9 February.
  • The list is announced—candidates to be confirmed rights on 11 February.

Round 2 Quota

  • Date of application: The university will determine
  • Announcement of the results in the system: 4 May
  • Confirm rights to the system: 4-5 May
  • Waiver of rights under the system: 6 May

Round 3 Admission

  • Application date: 2-10 May
  • Announcement of results on the system
  • 1st time: 18 May
  • 2nd time: 24 May
  • Verify permissions on the system
  • 1st time: 18-19 May

Round 4 Direct Admission

  • Application date: 25 May – 5 June
  • Announcement of the results in the system
  • 1st time: 8 June
  • 2nd time: 18 June
  • Verification of the permissions on the system.
  • 1st time: 8-9 Jun.
  • 2nd time: 18-19 June

TCAS offers admission in several branches, including medicine, commerce and accounting, literature, architecture, law, science, etc. The faculty of the esteemed institution ensures that the student choosing a particular field gains expertise in their branch of interest.

Admission will not be easy for the ones without hard work. Prepare well for the examination to qualify with the best results and reserve your seats.

Various online classes offer new packages for the students preparing for the TCAS Entrance examination. Research well about the faculty and get feedback from the other students enrolling themselves for the batches.