Need Advice On Parenting? Check Out Top 10 Mommy Bloggers

In some way or another, every new parent has expectations for how their lives will be once they have their own family. These expectations, however, can occasionally be rather irrational, which can ultimately overwhelm them.

There are many aspects of parenthood that one cannot fully understand until they go through them for themselves. Unless you are already a parent, it is difficult to imagine the emotional strain, anxiety, and stress that you will go through.

Yes, we are aware that not every parent goes through the same issue, but one advantage of mommy blogging is the ability to put your feelings in writing and better reason them. It is similar to a different type of journaling, which is highly beneficial, especially if you are already overburdened with tasks.

With the changing times and blogging becoming a hobby for almost everyone, moms have also entered this race. They have mastered the skill of monetizing their desire to capture mom life, creating a brand, and optimizing their resume, all of which have assisted them in putting their talents into use.

Even though you are aware that many other parents have experienced the same things, parenting can occasionally feel like a lonely path. There are other resources that might make women feel less alone along the road, in addition to their own friends and family (who may frequently be the harshest critics). These real-life mothers are openly discussing their personal parenting experiences, including both the challenging and rewarding aspects of contemporary parenthood.

Therefore, running a mom blog is a newly discovered profession that has given many mothers around the world hope. An Indian mother who blogs about her (imperfectly-perfect) life works a full-time job, takes care of the family, works at home, and manages to cook (or not).

Most mothers start their blogs as a kind of memory calendar to record their experiences as new mothers. As a result, mom blogging is undoubtedly a newly discovered profession that has raised many hopes among mothers worldwide.

Who Are Exactly Mom Bloggers?


A mommy blogger is a person who begins a blog about her maternal experiences and later adds written content to it. She can connect with individuals that subscribe to and read her writings, and the encounters might be either good or bad. Videos and images are occasionally posted. Every blog is distinctive to the mother who writes it. You might discover slideshows created by a mother who wishes to document the first year of her child’s development on one blog. Another site can be more review-focused, where the mom is passionate about talking about the most recent baby products.

Mommy blogs can be categorized in a variety of ways. For instance, among many other criteria, we can categorize mommy blogs according to their platform, content, genre, advertising, and religious affiliation. Mommy blogs are frequently seen in groups where women start talking about issues or topics that interest them.

Mommy blogs can be categorized on the basis of the content they make:

  1. Academic mommy blogs
  2. Stay-at-home mother mommy blogs
  3. Crafty mommy blogs
  4. Advertising mommy blogs
  5. Crunchy mom mommy blogs
  6. Single parent mommy blogs
  7. Autistic awareness mommy blogs

Let’s look at the top 10 mom bloggers in India that you can surely check out and subscribe to if you are looking for some healthcare tips for your little ones.

  1. The Champa Tree: The Champa Tree is about motherhood, parenting, baby, and child care. This tree blog is by Vaishali Sudan and ranges from motherhood to parenting tips and engaging fun-filled activities and crafts for kids.
  1. Momz’Space: Started by Nidhi, she writes on advice and tips for mothers struggling with motherhood issues. She also shares her journey in motherhood and how she overcame her personal challenges along the way.
  1. MySweetNothings: Initiated by Vasanta, she shares her stories on motherhood and parenting. She connects with other moms and helps them deal with any concerns around motherhood.
  1. Bumps N Baby: Sangeetha started this blog when she was pregnant with her first baby. Her blog shares tips and advice for mothers and the experiences she has encountered during her pregnancy. She tries to connect with the mothers on a personal level.
  1. Kidskintha: This is a global parenting blog founded by Devishobha Chandramouli. They specialize in hosting global digital summits on topics relevant to parenting and education.
  1. Obsessive Mom: Started by Tuilka Singh, a mother of twins, she writes about her experiences as a mother and tips on child care. In addition to this, she also writes about safe traveling and aspects of education.
  1. Wholesome Mamma: Also known as Paleo mom, Aloka uses her blog to share healthy lifestyle and fitness tips and focuses on parenting tips and diet plans for kids of all age groups.
  1. My Little One And Me: Debolina started this blog with the motive of connecting with other moms who could relate to the experiences of motherhood. Her blog features run-game ideas for kids and simple recipes.
  1. Artsy Craftsy Mom: Shruti started her blog as a part of the activities she did while raising her daughter. The blog has now transformed into a creative space for DIY projects, recipes, and travel tips for the mom community.
  1. MyLittleMoppet: Started by Dr. Hemapriya, her main idea was to give her readers advice on how to care for their children- what food they should eat, home remedies for illness, and other necessary health advice.



Everyone can agree that mothers are superwomen capable of doing anything. Whether it’s working, managing a business, raising a child, cooking, or even blogging! Along with all else they do, they have mastered the art of making fascinating, relatable, and authentic content while also capturing their motherhood.

These mother bloggers have succeeded in using websites like YouTube and some of them have even secured their position amongst the top Indian female Instagram influencers – to communicate their experiences, which has changed the way that content is created. Observing how well they balance their offline and online lives is incredibly motivating!