You can sell your unconventional gold items to a pawnbroker

There are a lot of gold dealer websites out there. There are gold dealers, cash for scrap gold buyers located in various cities and town there are even pawn shops that will buy scrap gold.

Jewellers might buy gold jewellery but these would jewelers who deal with used gold. They are interested in pieces that are in good condition, are unique and have interest designs. They will most likely pay for any diamonds or precious stones set in the gold and not just for the content of the gold in the jewellery. If you have jewellery by famous brands like Cartier or Tiffany’s, approaching a jeweler would be the best option but it’s not the only option you have.


Pawnshops also buy gold jewellery and sometime they accept gold jewellery that is not in the best condition. Unless a particular pawnshop deals more with gold jewellery than anything, you probably won’t get that much for your gold jewellery especially if it is damaged or has some flaws. The gold may be sold to refineries to be melted down and refined. If you are looking for a pawnshop that buys gold jewellery in any condition, just Google pawnbrokers near me and go through the list of pawnshops that come up and go through their services and what it is they sell.

There has been a steady rise of mail gold dealers. They will request that you send your gold via mail. First get an estimate and see if the figure is the same as what you have in mind. If you agree to give the postal pawnbroker then the next step is to request a free pre-paid package. You can send the gold by mail. A lot of companies provide insurance to cover your valuable in case of theft or loss. However, the insurance is usually limited to a certain amount. If you want to send more, you can split the your items into separate pre-insured packages.

Just to be safe, take photograph of what you are sending and keep all correspondence between you and the gold buyer. Remember to check the buyer’s return policy before you sell any gold. Consider also the payment method and how long it will take for them to pay you for your gold.

Important caveats:

  • Know your Gold
  • Always do your research on the gold buyer or pawnbrokers near me before sending your precious gold
  • Have expectations but make sure that they are realistic.
  • And what the gold buyer advertises as what they pay for gold may not be true for a variety of reasons which include the fact that, the spot price of gold is affected by a plethora of factors. You may get 20{92dd097586ce9b9114730d8ad21121d4cd3f073cab5eab11cfb97a71b1997dbc} of the market value of the gold you are trying to sell.

Be wary of companies that are over-exposed in the media and social network as they spend a lot more on campaigns than ensuring decent prices for their customers. Marketing is essential to the success of any business but it should not be at the expense of the customers selling gold.