Why You Need A Safety Harness For Construction Workers 

A safety harness for construction workers is a needed piece of equipment that ensures safety when working at heights. However, many in the industry think these fall protection elements are a suggestion, not a necessity across the working site, with little regard to the support these systems offer. This lack of attention leads to many not wearing their equipment when left unsupervised, vastly increasing the risk of health and safety on site. An employer is obliged by law to keep their staff safe, but when staff refuses to abide, it places everyone on-site at risk of potential job loss or even fatal injury. As a critical part of the job is protection while working, getting your team tools and resources that they will want to use is essential. With a more comfortable design, our harness system provides support and adjustability to ensure the best fit at all times. Read on to find out more about these fall protection elements. 

Common Arguments 

There are many arguments seen on-site as to why there is no need for this equipment. From added weight to potentially restricted movement and maintaining a piece of equipment over the workday, there are a few key reasons why construction workers do not always want to wear safety harnesses. Many experienced staff members might even think that their years on the job reduce their chances of risk or harm. However, even the most experienced workers can slip or lose their balance, and reflexes are not always enough to save you. These systems are specially designed to keep you attached to the building or ledge in all cases, and while many may have experience, there is no way to protect against an accident at that height. If you fall without protection, there is only one way you’re going. This sign is an integral aspect of safely conducting work at heights, and with a design to fit the body, you can give your team every reason to protect themselves on-site. 

The Impact

The impact and effect of a fall can be far-reaching. From the injured person’s family to the employer and the workers on-site, in some worse situations, the expenses and costs to the company in compensation can lead to the closing of the work-site. Sometimes increased training can be the key to ensuring that everyone on site wears the correct protective gear. Knowing how to avoid a fall and learning about fall arrest systems can help you avoid falls and demonstrate why safety equipment is necessary for all facets of this industry. While many workers will shrug off the idea of injury or accident, the reality is something far different. Not only could someone risk losing their job, but potential compensation could even close the entire site if serious. This closure puts everyone out of work. Cases like these affect everyone connected to the job, from the brick layers to the security guards, and only with team cooperation can the site run efficiently. 

Quality Protection 

As the industry has developed, so have the fall arrest protection systems. The modern designs are far more comfortable to use and far less restricting, ensuring fewer reasons for staff not to want to wear the correct equipment on site. When you have the right tools for the job and an understanding of their importance, you can operate a more efficient building site. Quality and results are an important part of any job, and being unable to complete work up to standard because of safety concerns is not something to be ignored. With the right system in place, you can give your teams support and stability, allowing them to move and work as needed without concerns about tipping or falling. Protecting your workers is essential to productivity. 

Safety harness requirements for construction workers play an important role in keeping every staff member safe. Whether working over ledges, at heights, or along a level floor, you need fall protection equipment to protect you from harm and ensure you can do your work responsibly. Contact us today to find out more about these solutions.