What To Expect During Recovery After Getting A Lip Filler?

Surgeries are no longer the only option to go with for fuller lips. If you are not entirely satisfied with the look of your lips, you can quickly get them filled. On top of that, if you don’t like the result, you can even go ahead and get them regressed.

Nevertheless, after getting injected with a lip filler, your lips might take some time to restore to optimum health. For some days, they may remain under the influence of after-effects. You might frantically attempt to dissipate these implications using various methods, which sometimes determine how many days until lip fillers heal (ทํา ปากกระจับ กี่ วัน หาย, which is the term in Thai).

In this blog, we’ll have you understand the determinants of the healing process along with the time taken for recovery.

Recovery After A Lip Filler

As we are now acquainted with the aftermaths, let us understand many days after lip filler heals for each symptom:

●         Swelling

As a lip filler is injected into the lip, the fluids and the white blood cells [WBCs] rush to the injected spot and beget a swell over it. The strain the injection causes is what ends in a swell. Applying ice atop the bulge often accelerates the dissipation of the swell.

As a result, the swell may take up to four days to subside. However, the kind of lip filler that has been used will also determine how many days until lip fillers heal. In some instances, it might take as long as three weeks.

●         Redness

As we know, the injected spot is bound to hasten the blood towards itself, which, in turn, results in the inevitable redness. To not worsen this repercussion, it is often advised to gulp loads of water for optimum hydration. Also, steer clear from the use of any lipstick or makeup.

After the same, the redness might vanish in four to five days. In a few exceptional instances, the days might extend from five to around ten or twelve. However, you keep looking after your lips for some days following the lip filler injection.

●         Irritation And Itching

Irritation and itching after getting injected with a lip filler are not uncommon effects. However, it is to be noted that the same must last for up to one or two days. If it does, it might be a sign of something severe.

It might indicate that the injection has hit a blood vessel and caused it to break. It might even be suggestive of an allergy. Therefore, it must not be ignored!


To conclude, there are a myriad of short-term issues that lip fillers might induce. Yet these effects should be brief. If they do, it might be time to seek a professional.