What Are The Things To Consider While Buying Online Curtains?

When it comes to window treatments, you might get confused in choosing the right curtains because this part of décor has the potential to change your space entirely. But with a wide variety of ready-made curtains available online, choosing the right window dressings is no longer as difficult as it once was. You can enhance your space with the right window treatments because only curtains are able to add a finishing touch to the overall home décor. If you are still confused about where to start, we have got you covered with this online curtain buying guide.

Few Tips To Consider While Buying Online Curtains

Wondering what are the things to consider when buying curtains online, read on and get what you are looking for;

  1. Measurements

Measurement is considered one of the most important factors to consider before buying curtains online. Do not guess measurements otherwise your room may look messy and haphazard. Here’s how you can measure your windows for curtains;

  • Start taking measurements from the top of your window + a few inches of height of the hooks.
  • Now there are two ways to end the length;
  • To achieve a modern, contemporary look, end the length with the curtain just lining the skirting.
  • For a traditional look, end the length by just puddling the floor.
  • Now for a fuller look of the curtain, add 4″- 8″ of width on any one side with an additional 2″.
  1. Fabric, Pattern, And Color

With a wide variety of fabrics available for curtains online, how can you be sure to select the one that suits your interior the most? Each fabric type is associated with a particular room type. For example, linen curtains work well in kitchens but don’t work in bedrooms and lounges. Polyester curtains, on the other hand, are flammable materials and they absorb an odor that is why they are not suitable for kitchens. So, before choosing the fabric for your curtains, make sure you are looking for which room. The same rule applies to color. Yes, you read it right? Curtain pattern and color affect the entire look of your room. So, be careful to consider all those factors when buying curtains online.

  1. Tailored Or Readymade Curtains

It is recommended to go for tailored curtains when buying online because their stitching is of high quality as compared to ready made curtains. You can choose the unstitched fabric from any valuable online curtain store and then give it to your tailor to make it ready according to your requirements!

So, if you have decided to buy your curtains online, make sure that you have measured your window or current curtain properly because it is the most important factor you need to consider. Otherwise, you’ll have to spend your money on alterations. Not only measurements but remember to consider all of the above factors before finalizing your decision. It will help you find the best curtains that suit your interior. Was this helpful?