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Life in a quiet little town, Deok Yi, old 20 age when a former college professor, Hak Kyu, moved in from the scandal of a sexual harassment. I was a literature teacher at a cultural centre and I worked at an old amusement park. Attempted each other to get married into a quick fall affair, but when the fall period begins, Hak Kyu recovered at college and returned to the family in Seoul, left Deok Yi. You refuse to let your relationship die, and their confrontation becomes tragic when Hak Kyu’s wife, commit suicide. Click here to watch free Má Hồng Thơ Ngây online, and you can also Watch Action Movies Online Free.

Má Hồng Thơ Ngây’s Plot

8 year later, Hak Kyu was a famous writer, but I couldn’t see it, lost the sight of a disease, and I ended up with my daughter Cheong, who blamed me for her mother’s death. Right now, I’m friends with Se-Jung, a new neighbor moving in next door. He’s happy to accept your help and Cheong became so attached to you, he doesn’t realize you’re actually Deok Yi, the Hak Kyu woman who betrayed five years ago, currently conducting their mission to destroy them. Your plan is to set out a series of hate events, finally set three bitterness, angry and desperate attempts in a spiral course of touch.

Má Hồng Thơ Ngây Review

“Scarlet Innocence” revolves around an unpredictable love between you and me with a lot of crazy, wild, jealous, jealousy to become hate, resentful. During the time he was suspected of having sex scandal, the handsome college teacher but there was a daughter, Hak-kyu (Jung Woo Sung role boss), transferred to a school in the country. Here he was soon falling into a terrible affair with Deo-kee (Esom the role, a slimy female to his age. To Hak-kyu, this is just a love affair through the dead man’s path but with the innocent girl Deo-kee, love is the world and you’re blinding into it.