Vacuum Maintenance Tips

Customers bring their vacuum cleaners to get vacuum accessories daily at RapidClean. Vacuum maintenance keeps your vacuum in top shape, but repairs frequently result from inadequate vacuum maintenance. Not only will your vacuum take longer to complete the task and pick up less if it is not maintained correctly, but it may also cause damage to the brush roll filters, engine and carpets. When you have the right people to talk to about repairing and maintaining your machine, you can extend their lifetime and ensure you get your money’s worth. While these machines are put through their paces in any home or business setting, they must maintain their performance to remain effective. This is why maintenance and cleaning is just so important. Read on to learn more about these services and their benefits.

Replace The Belt on Your Vacuum

  • The majority of vacuum cleaner belts wear out and stretch over time. The roller brush will stop spinning or slow down as a result. Therefore, every year, we advise changing the belt. This s a key component within the larger mechanisms, and it cannot perform without it. While quite easy to replace, it plays a part in the system that cannot be undermined.

Clean Your Vacuum’s Roller Brush

  • String and hair tangle with the bristles and roller, stretching the belts and reducing agitation. Unfortunately, these could also get into the bearings, leading them to block and, in rare cases, melt the nozzle housing, resulting in the vacuum cleaner being permanently destroyed.
  • Brush Roller for Columbus XP2, AL/20605030 $78.28

When The Bag is Full, Replace it.

  • If your vacuum does not have a ‘full sign’, keep an eye on it as time passes. For example, when a vacuum bag is 70-80 per cent full, you should replace it.
  • Motor for Cleantech Backpack, CS/M034 $139.63

Keep Your Vacuum Cleaner’s Filters Clean

  • If you use a bagless vacuum, such as a Shark or Dyson, cleaning your filters is critical to the machine’s longevity and health. Certain filters need to be replaced. It is recommended that heavy users use every six months, pet owners every year, and light users every two to three years.
  • Exhaust filter for Windsor/Columbus, AL/20603400 – $10.75
  • PacVac External motor filter, CS/PV259 – $5.05

Watch The Performance of Your Vacuum

  • Stop if it isn’t picking up, stinking, smoking, or spitting anything. Pause and investigate the problem. For example, when frequently observing vacuum motors that have burned out because they continue to operate devices that have become clogged. Clogs obstruct airflow and cause vacuum motors to overheat.

Properly Fit Nozzle Height

  • When the nozzle is embedded in the carpet in the most moderate setting, there is no airflow, and your carpet is likely to be damaged. Set your vacuum’s height adjuster to high, then slowly lower it until you detect the bristles that make contact with the carpet pile. Don’t go any lower once you’ve arrived.

Vacuum maintenance tips can hello you ensure your machines and tools remain working as long as possible. You can get high-quality vacuum accessories and direct services when you repair your team with the right professional. Our team can bring you a range of products and solutions to suit your needs, whether dealing with the home setting or large-scale commercial industry. Unless you authorise generics, all parts are genuine and straight from the manufacturers we are licensed to represent. If you require assistance with stock or forms, please get in touch with us.