Top Bedroom Design Trends That Have Gained Popularity

Bedroom is one of the most comfortable and personal rooms in the house. It is the most important room in the house, we sleep in there and were asleep for more than 1/3rd of our life. A good comfortable sleep is the answer to all the problems.

A calming interior to our bedroom with a warm, comfortable mattress, is the most important aspect of our health and lifestyle. When it comes to choosing colours for our bedroom, we must consider warm, neutral colours such as beige, creamy white, light grey or shades of blue to offer a homey, inviting atmosphere that brings about the sense of comfort and relaxation.

Some of the popular trends and Examples [ชมตัวอย่าง, which is the term in Thai] have been highlighted below.

Statement headboards: headboards are back! When it comes to headboard décor, it is a focal point; it’s a personality statement rather than just being a headboard. There are various types of; headboards:

  • Sleigh bed- it is a type of bedroom décor, where we have both headboard and footboard; both are curved and scrolled.
  • Metal Headboard- they are crafted with an intricate design made of metal.
  • Upholstered Headboard- they are covered with linen or velvet, are well comfortable to lean on as they are padded.
  • And a leather headboard which is covered with leather.

Airy and soothing: incorporate slit lights, use a light colour palette; try minimising hoarding objects, go with mostly see-through objects to increase space and limit patterns, this is to increase the sense of spaciousness. Rooms should have a natural flow; the colour pattern; this should be smooth.

Pure fabrics: using pure and chic fabrics such as Sheers, Weaves, Prints, Embroideries are used to create a theme, which suits your skin, and feels good against your skin. Don’t forget the curtain fabrics.

Layers and layers: layering our bedrooms to create more padding with softness and quality can even improve our emotional well -and increase the positivity in and around us. A saying by Elle Cole Interiors “A bedroom deficient in comfort and peace can lead to a myriad of health issues.” Remember, the simplest way to add layered depth to a bedroom is to start with the bed, and add a gravity blanket to increase the comfort of your bed while sleeping.

Avoid these mistakes while decorating your interiors:

  • Avoid tiny pictures on large walls.
  • Don’t overfill your room with furniture.
  • Don’t overdo your theme.

These were some of the foremost Examples bedroom designs that are trending. Happy decorating!