Things You Need To Know About Eye Surgery

There are different types of eye surgery (ทำ ตา, which is a term in Thai) which are explained in this guide. But before you know anything about the types of eye surgery, you need to know what eye surgery all is about. Firstly you need to know that eye surgery helps treat conditions like glaucoma, cataracts, retinal tears, diabetic retinopathy and far-sightedness besides near-sightedness.

Types You Need To Know About Eye Surgery.

There are different types of eye surgeries, and some of them are mentioned here.

·        Blepharoplasty

This surgery is performed to repair all the droopy eyelids, allowing the doctor to make a small incision to remove all the skin and muscles besides removing Fat repositions.

·        Cataract Surgery

The cataract is a cloudy area in the eye lenses, making it challenging to see anything. The doctor will use some tools to remove the cloudy lens and then replace it with an artificial lens.

·        Corneal Transplant

The doctor mainly uses a special tool to keep the eye open while removing any damaged area of the colony and replacing it with donor tissue. Doctors would be using a thick cornea transplant tool.

·        Glaucoma Surgeries

Glaucoma surgery is done by using a tiny tube known as a shunt in the white area of your eye. The tube makes it very easy to drain out the extra fluid from the eye and lowers the eye pressure. The doctor will create tiny openings at the eye’s top and under the eyelid so the extra fluid can be drained easily.

·        Retina Surgeries

There are some procedures to repair the damaged or even detached retina. To create some small scare, it would be fixing a tear or hole and helping the retina hold in place. The surgeon will place some tiny bands around the white part of the eye, and this band will gently push the side of the eye towards the retina, which will help in reattaching.

·        Eye Muscles Surgery

This surgery is done when the eyes do not move together in one pair, where one eye would be just moving in One Direction. Up or down surgery is important, and even if the need arises, the surgeon will attempt to help in restoring the eye muscles to the perfect position by using techniques that weaken them.

Eye surgeries play a crucial role, and you should consider getting them in time.