The Best Helps That You Can Expect from the Desk Frames Now

About back pain, many people complain. This is not surprising: the body is heavily stressed by constant sitting at work 8 or more hours straight. An American study confirms these effects. That is why more and more people are working standing up at times. The standing desk is a table with one or more levels, which makes it particularly easy to work while standing.

Standing Desk Frame: An Old Box?

Standing desk frame comes from the middle Ages. Should they stay there too? Well: They were used in religious masses because the sloping surface at the time made it easier for monks and priests to read religious books. At that time the standing desks were mostly made of wood, bronze was rarely used. There were also exquisite examples made of marble. Apparently they are still proving useful today that’s the only reason why they are finding their way into ordinary offices.

Why Not Sit

One-sided stress and a rigid posture for hours are not good for your body and you can feel it. Headache, tense neck, back pain – you probably know it? The lack of exercise puts too much strain on certain muscle groups in the back. This causes the abdominal and back muscles to recede. So say goodbye to stability in your back. Now and then the whole thing wouldn’t be too tragic, but if you count that over the years, herniated discs or changes in the vertebral bodies are no longer a surprise.

Stand For It.

What does that bring you? Much good.

By working while standing, you adopt an upright posture there is no other way. This is how you actively counteract back pain. A study by the orthopedic university clinic in Bochum has found that standing desk users in the office have a significantly better posture.

The legs are also happy. They have nothing to do while sitting. Standing will get your body moving again. In general, the better blood circulation ensures more well-being, a better mood and has also been proven to be higher productivity, because: The brain works better while standing. At the same time, you can increase your own concentration. Standing is almost like sport well almost. After all, according to studies, you burn 30{c56d045b753d7ac87014be41e2e1a0ab2ab25785786c6a7e016449978698e5b6} more calories than when you sit down. That’s something.

Try The Standing Desk.

The standing desk combines the advantages of standing: Thanks to the ergonomic shape of the table, you can stand straight and comfortably. Basically, the body has no choice. If the standing desk is to serve several employees in an open-plan office, for example, you should purchase a model that is adjustable in height. This allows you to adjust the working height to the respective body size. Long live the individuality.

If a standing desk is used more often, but has no fixed location, flexibly removable versions are a good choice. The shelf offers space for things that need to be put down a glass of water, files and papers as well as writing implements, for example. If you suddenly switch completely from your desk to the standing desk, your body will certainly not thank you.