Resin Casting Solution: Everything You Need To Know

Resin casting is one of the common ways industries create beautiful pieces of art. They make the attractive toys children play with or the jewellery we wear only with resin casting. A suitable resin solution (น้ำยา เร ซิ่น, which is the term in Thai) is used to create a particular type of artwork. You may have also seen fine art pieces or attractive key chains made with silicon and resin casting.

Resin casting has a wider range of applications in the art industry. Let us learn what it is and how it is used.

Resin Casting

Resin casting or casting resin is a process of creating clear encasing. We can also call it pouring plastic. While manufacturing, the creator poured the synthetic liquid into different moulds and kept them aside. Then after some time, the juice retains the shape of the mould, and this is how we get art pieces of other forms.

Resin casting is used for different artworks or creating other home-use materials and has a wide range of applications in engineering. They make many of the engineering types of equipment and designs with resin casting work. Electrical insulation is also an important application of the casting resin process. The other applications of casting resin include crafts, memorabilia, sculptures, etc.

Types Of Casting Resin

The casting resins are available in different styles according to the usage and depending on the viscosity needed. You should select the best resin solution and the casting according to the application.

  • R863c

It is the general-grade resin casting already mixed with a catalyst. It is also called purple. It is ready to use in the form of R863. It cannot be used for a longer duration. Therefore, please use the casting solution after the resin to get the perfect harness for the end product. Otherwise, the gel-like structure will form, and you will not get the desired shape of the product.

  • R866

It is also already mixed with purple. Therefore you do not have to mix the catalyst after the package reaches you. It is the clear resin casting. Therefore, if you want your end product to be clearer, you can use this casting resin.

  • R863

It is one of the most affordable casting resins. You can save the cost of your product by using it. But you can use this casting resin if your product does not need much clarity. Resin casting professionals say it is the general category casting resin available in the industry for budget-friendly end products.