Practical Uses & Categories of Tweezers

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Have you ever used tweezers? It is an undervalued beauty tool that is present in a makeup bag. You are capable to use this simple tool to get perfect brows. Tweezers are useful when you need to take out irritating eyebrow hair. Always keep a reliable pair to shape your brows and get rid of stray hair. Make use of Sephora promo code to get petite tweezers, stainless steel tweezers, pointed slant tweezers and perfection point tweezers on discount.

Interesting Ways of Using Tweezers

  • Have you applied false eyelashes? Try to apply them with the help of tweezers. Just select and hold the strip of false lash just to get foolproof and precise application not messing the eye makeup.
  • Do you need to make a fascinated design through nail art? Select the tweezers to make precise designs. Wait till the base coat gets dried. Now dunk the pointed pair into various nail polish paints and take out. With tweezers, it is possible to fix gems as well as decal while doing manicure.
  • Do you get irritated when you find a gray hair? If there are a few gray hairs, make use of tweezers to pluck unwanted hair within a minute.
  • You may have used tweezers to give shape to brows but it is surprising that tweezers are competent enough to fill your thin brows. Select a flat and angled tip tweezers. Now take mascara or brow gel (waterproof long-wear) and unscrew its tube and move the tweezers tip along the applicator. Now align the bottom and top tongs with eyebrow. Draw the tweezers in the direction of brow to give a perfect and sharp outline. Take out an angled brush to fill in the brows. For buying new quality tweezers, refer Sephora promo code and select flat and pointy tweezers in different materials.
  • For festival glittery appearance, select easy to use tweezers for keeping the rhinestones and gems.
  • Nose Contouring can be performed through a pair of tweezers. First of all, dip the tip into foundation or concealer that is darker than the tone of skin. Now move the tongs to nose sides and blend the lines through makeup blender to enjoy contoured flawless nose.

Kinds of Tweezers

  • Slant Tip

These are classic type of tweezers that are used for facial hair eye-brows. The slanted tip is used for flawless brow grooming.

  • Point Tip

These are used for ingrown fine hairs. You can take off splinters easily; however these are sharp and require extra carefulness.

  • Straight Tip

Straight Tip tweezers are selected to take off many hairs at a time. Do not use straight tip for tweezing the brow. Absence of sharp edge makes it perfect for individual lashes.

  • Pointed Slant Tip

These are similar to pointed and slanted styles and offer great control while tweezing fine or normal hair.

  • Arched Claw

These tweezers are right for waxers as these are capable to take out hair from hard to access areas. Get Sephora promo code and order tweezers of various types within your budget.