Is There A Cure For Seborrheic Dermatitis or Eczema On the Scalp?

When it comes to the many different scalp disorders the hyper seborrhea disorders are some of the more common. Hyper seborrhea refers to the excess amounts of scalp oils that are made and emitted by the sebacceous glands inside the hair follicles. This can also happen inside the skin pores that are found all over the body. However, with seborheic dermatitis and eczema the main issues are found where there is a hair follicle. Here are the main areas that both affect: the scalp, face, eyebrows, cheeks, sides of the nose, sides or corners of the mouth, as well as the ear canal – mostly on the outter part as well as the outter folds and even behind the ears. It can also be present in the back fold of the neck typically where the skin meets as well as the hair line, crown of the head or anywhere else that there is hair or even a small follicle. One of the most common places for seboheic problems on men is the beard. The hair on the face can be one of the more common areas for the symptoms to show themselves.

What Works For Seborrheic Dermatitis?
The most common forms of treatments used by doctors or dermatologists are steroids which will have a temporary effect on the symptoms. However, once the steroid is stopped then the exact same situation comes back. Medicated shampoos such as tar and selenium sulfide are often used at prescription strength. However, many have issues with the smell of these shampoos. They are only a band aid for the real problem.

Most dandruff shampoos such as head shoulders have written warnings opposing long term use. This is because they use strong anti fungals. They do work to a certain level but most do not warrant long term use for long term results.

What most people are using for long term results from the symptoms of seborrheic dermatitis and the itching and flaking of hyper seborrhea are specialized herbs. The most common mixture used is called Zincplex. This mixture has thyme, fenugreek, tea tree, ivy and burdock along with zinc. Together it does what no other shampoo tries to do and that is to deep cleanse the bacteria fungi laden hair follicles. This detox effect allows the hair follicles to remove stubborn, harsh buildup where the fungi can thrive. This deep cleansing has the most effective long term benefit for itching, flaking, dandruff, crusty scalp problems that come from seb derm