Innovative Features of Hidden Fence Smart Dog Fences for Modern Pet Owners

The pet market has introduced several fences for various types of pets and properties. However, not many of them fit most owners’ criteria; some are too harsh, others might cause unwanted stress, and many simply do not work at all. When searching for the ideal smart dog fence, look no further than Hidden Fence.

Hidden Fence is an Australian company supplying one of the best pet training supplies – DogWatch. Their innovative products have satisfied the needs of many pet owners across the country. Plus, they offer hidden dog fence professional installation.

But beyond that, what makes Hidden Fence’s smart dog fence outstanding against others?

The Advanced Features of Hidden Fence Dog Fences

Unlike the many other fences in the pet market, Hidden Fence’s products come with specialised features that will ensure a smooth, effective, and stress-free boundary training regimen for your canine friend. Below are some of the critical features of their hidden dog fence system:

Advanced Technology

Hidden Fence’s dog fencing system uses transmitters and collar receivers to teach your dog its boundaries. When your dog gets too close to the perimeter limit, the transmitters send a signal to the collar, which prompts it to induce a form of e-stimulation in your pet. This, in turn, will prevent your dog from attempting to escape.

The transmitters and receivers are all well-designed with the utmost efficiency and accuracy, ensuring exceptional training no matter the dog breed.

Programmable Collars

Not all dogs have the same personality or training response rate. As such, it is essential to have a fence system that can adapt easily to the specific needs and nature of the dog.

The dog fence of Hidden Fence features programmable collars that can be adjusted according to the kind of dog that will be wearing them. Whether you have a small dog with big energy or a gentle giant, you can expect these collars to work wonders in letting your pet understand area limitations.

Safelink® Digital FM/DM

Hidden Fence’s PT4 Transmitter is built to withstand power surges with its UL UL-approved internal and External lightning protection. The patented Safelink® Digital FM/DM, a powerful feature, prevents the accidental activation of programmable dog collars and is considered the fastest and most precise reception in the industry.

Experience Peak Performance with Hidden Fence

Curious to know more about the leading pet training products of Australia’s best pet training supplies company? Visit Hidden Fence to see their broad range of innovative dog and cat fences and collars.