Do Double Eyelids Go Away With Surgery

Different people have different eye shapes and sizes. Some have folds above the eyelid, whereas others do not have such folds on top of the eyelid skin. But nothing is a big deal until you have a clear vision and healthy eyesight. Double eyelid (ตา 2 ชั้น; which is the term in Thai)means the crease in the skin of the upper eyelid. When the eyes get opened, you can see the creases over the eyelid. Some people don’t have such creases over the eyelid i.e., double eyelids, which are known as single eyelids or monolids.  The fold on the skin of the upper eyelid starts from the corner of your eye.

In today’s modern world, there is nothing that the medical field cannot perform. You may have seen most people have double eyelids. But in Korea, they have different kinds of skin and eyelids, mostly they have monolids. So, they need to get eyelid surgery to achieve the double eyelid look in their skin. Getting eyelid surgery is familiar in Korea. The double eyelid surgery gives them permanent and even non-permanent double eyelids.

These permanent double eyelid surgery carries incisional procedures whereas non-permanent eyelid surgery is performed with a non-incisional technique. In this incisional technique procedure, you can have a permanent double eyelid that cannot be reversed. But, in the non-incisional technique, you can have the reverse of your eyelid type. When you want to have double eyelid surgery for five to seven years, then you need to opt for a non-incisional technique procedure. So, after these years you can get rid of such surgery or double eyelids even can go away with surgery. Because it is performed by lifting sagging tissues above the eyelid.

When you are opting for double eyelid surgery, think before it more consciously. Also, recommendations from doctors and family members are necessary. Because, even for getting the eyelid for temporary years, you might have some physical side-effects that you need to know before surgery. Sometimes it is difficult, painful, and expensive to get reverse of the blepharoplasty, or double eyelid surgery.  To alter your eyelids even basis of any cosmetic reasons, you need to be completely sure about it.


Hence, to conclude, it can be said that through non-incisional technique procedure, double eyelid problem even go away with surgery. But, in the incisional technique procedure, the double eyelid becomes permanent and cannot be reversed or go away with surgery. Make sure before undergoing the procedure of double eyelid surgery even if you can get away with double eyelid with surgery.