Dental Clinics Are There To Make Your Smile Alluring

Properly aligned teeth give extra beauty to our smile. When a child is born, parents are advised by the elders to press the gum of their kids a little so that when their teeth come up, they must have proper alignment. The shape of the teeth of a few kids is not even; for that, they have to go through a dental process by applying for braces.

What Is The Procedure?

The braces are applied to help the teeth maintain a proper shape. It’s not that you have to put on braces for a lifetime as braces help to align the teeth, so after removing it, a retainer is necessary to fix the teeth in that particular area as, at first, the tissues remain loose. This process is done not in a hospital but in a dental clinic (คลินิกทันตกรรม, which is the term in Thai). It’s a second round of braces we need to keep for a few months to get perfectly aligned teeth.

Types Of Retainer

There Are Two Types Of Retainers:

  • Removal Retainer
  • Fixed Retainer

The removal retainer is mostly applied to teenagers; they are relatively inexpensive and can be cleaned easily. It can be placed anytime, and orthodontists don’t recommend keeping it all the time as it is not necessary for those patients. Now, if the shape of the teeth is a bit improper and needs a slight change, then the doctor recommends the removal. It has longevity of 5 to 10 years. They are also of two types: clear and wire retainer. A clear retainer looks clear as people hardly notice anything on your teeth, and about wire, a retainer is made of an acrylic base, and the metal wire helps to set the teeth in the proper position.

For patients with overlapping teeth, it looks weird when they smile; fixed retainers are applicable. They need to keep it longer than the removal one, and it also has great longevity. It prevents the teeth from falling short.

How To Clean Them?

Cleaning must be done meticulously due to the retainers; food particles can accumulate by their side and cause stains. So with the doctor’s reference from the dental clinic, try to brush carefully with that particular soap or bar liquid as recommended by the doctor. Try not to use toothpaste. Brush it properly with a toothbrush and then wash it with water. In the case of fixed retainer, cleaning is a must as their case is a bit sensitive. Improper cleaning can lead to swelling of gums or cavities, so do it efficiently and regularly to get healthy and proper teeth.