Database Migration Service

Every single company has unique data flow and so there are no two identical database migration projects. In corporate scale data warehouses database is just a part of large system including applications, interfaces, documentation and other materials. As one of leading companies in database migration field, Intelligent Converters offer turn-key database migration service to assist with any kind of such projects.

Here are the most frequent tasks addressed by migration service:

  • Modernization of legacy database
  • Transfer database to cloud platform such as Azure, Google Cloud, Amazon RDS
  • Re-development of database related applications and optimization for new DBMS
  • Complete migration of corporate data warehouse to another hardware platform or database management system to reduce TCO or to scale the system

The concept of database migration service provided by Intelligent Converters exceeds standard point-to-point approach by most related service providers. They take care about overall migration strategy, best return on investment and full cycle of support. Deep analysis of data must always prior to project implementation flow as key to efficient solution that meets customer’s business needs.

Having more than 20-year experience in database migration and synchronization field, specialists of Intelligent Converters explored the most important parts common migration projects:

  • Migration of schemas, data, indexes and constraints
  • Views, stored procedures and triggers conversion
  • Application conversion and optimization
  • Integration with 3rd party applications
  • Overall testing and optimization
  • Update documentation and knowledge base related to the database
  • Training and consulting

Having wide range of software tools and solutions, Intelligent Converters guarantee high quality of the migration process, optimal timeframe and affordable rates. That software provides capabilities of simultaneous loading terabytes of data, data comparison and partial automation of views, stored procedures and triggers conversion. The most popular database management systems such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL, IBM DB2, Microsoft Access, FoxPro and SQLite are supported with forks and SAAS variations.

Optimization of database management system is one of primary challenges in the migration process. It often can be discovered legacy database is not working at full capacity. Reason of most critical problems is insufficient memory of database server and low efficiency of queries. The database migration may not rich high overall performance and reducing TCO without refining every aspect of data and application flow.

This whitepaper illustrates that high quality database migration requires combination of suitable software tools and professional skills of the specialists. Organizations not having their own database experts should consider outsourcing the migration project to service provider with the appropriate competence.