Check out the super simple ways to clean the front load washing machine

You are pretty much aware of the fact that washing machines are available under four broad categories; fully automatic, semi-automatic, top-load, and front-load. Washing clothes is one of the laborious tasks if you have to do it without the aid of a washing machine. But the same task becomes simpler when clothes are washed in a washing machine. But, being an electronic device, the upkeep of the machine is important. Hence, you will find easy tricks and tips to clean the front load washing machine in this article.

Owning a washing machine does not mean that you are sorted. You have to maintain the product. The clothes will be cleaned after the wash only if you make an effort to keep your washing machine clean regularly. Since the machine is exposed to washing clothes with detergents, it is but natural that it gets a build-up of germ or debris over some time. So, make it a habit to clean the washing machine regularly so that you keep it in a prim and proper condition.

What are the indicators that help you realise that your front load washer needs a clean-up?

  • You may notice a change in the smell of your washing machine when it washes clothes.
  • You may find dirt or grime in the tub.
  • The build-up of mould and grime is responsible for the smelly discharge by your machine. It requires it to be fixed. And how do you fix it?


It needs to be cleaned.

Here are the tips that are easy to incorporate and help you to maintain your front load washing machine:

5 simple steps have been discussed here to allow you to clean the washing machine quickly and easily.

  1. Disinfecting the wash drum  or the tub of the machine

The part of the washing machine where you load clothes in it for washing is called the wash drum or tub of the washing machine. The front-load washer is located in front of the device. As this area is exposed to washing, it is the breeding ground for dirt, grime, and mold due to dirty and hard water. You can use chlorine bleach to eliminate such particles from your washer tub. Bleach acts as a disinfectant and removes the stains in the tubs.

You can opt to use 1 or 2 cups of bleach and run the machine with hot water settings for the longest time option available in the device.

  1. Aim to clean the rubber gasket

Now is the time to attend to the rubber gasket of the washer door. The door also attracts the potential build-up of dust, grime, and mould. So, once the washing with the bleaching agent is over, aim to clean the rubber gasket of the door.

Take an old piece of cloth or duster and head towards the door. Keep vinegar handy with you. You may be aware of the cleaning properties that the ingredient has. Moreover, it is an expensive investment to make, if you do not have vinegar at home. But most kitchens will have the ingredient on their shelf.

Rub the rubber gasket with the old rag. After that spray the area with vinegar. Use a clean cloth to wipe the vinegar. This will help in the removal of unwanted elements from the gasket.

But if you still find stains in the gasket, you can make use of the chlorine bleach to clean the gasket. Ensure to wear a pair of gloves because the acidic nature of bleach can cause a burning sensation in your hands. So, wear a protective layer for the job. Use the old rag for this step. Dip it in chlorine and wipe the gasket. Leave it for an hour. Now, clean the gasket with a clean cloth and you will be happy to see the results of your effort.

  1. Clean the detergent department

The machine has an attachment where you pour the detergent for the washing cycle. You have to disassemble the dispenser for cleaning. If the dispenser is dirty, it will get mixed with water and detergent and produce ineffective results when you wash your clothes. So, periodic cleaning of the detergent dispenser is an important step.

You can refer to the appliance manual for the easy dissembling of the detergent department. The manual carries information about the same. You can learn to disassemble and then reassemble the part after the process is over. Soak the dispenser in hot water once it is out of the machine. Take a sponge to clean the junk or grime accumulated in the part. Then rinse with clean water and fix it back inside the allotted area of the dispenser in the front load washing machine.

  1. Clean the exterior

The outer body of the machine is visible to everyone and it is essential to keep it impressively. If you keep the machine brimming with cleanliness, you may even get compliments from your guests, if your washing machine is kept in an open/exposed area of the house.

Lightly dust the body of the machine. For an intrinsic cleaning, spray vinegar on the exterior and then use a paper towel to wipe the machine.

  1. Rinse in and out

You may want to clean and rinse out all the cleaning agents from your machine after the steps of machine cleaning are done. Simply run the washing machine without clothes and detergent. It will help to clean the washing thoroughly and all the residue of the cleaners will be flushed as well.

Final thoughts

So, now you are sorted because you know the simple steps to clean your front load washing machineThe steps are simple but extremely effective as these help to keep your machine sparkling clean and also add longevity to the product. So, what are you waiting for? If you are the proud owner of a front load washing machine, then make it a point to clean the interior and exterior of the appliance periodically.