Brown Hair colour Trends and Styles for this Wedding Season

The wedding season calls for some great time with family, loads of fun and noise, savoring delicious food, and being at the top of your fashion game. While you choose the best outfits and ensembles for yourself, your hairstyle game should equally match up to it. This is the secret recipe to look like an absolute diva: when your ensemble and makeup compliment your hairstyle. If you do not want to go for one of those funky and fancy colours, and rather choose a pretty brown hair colour for your mane, what a brilliant choice. And we must say that you are a lucky one because today we will suggest brown hair colour trends and styles that will be perfect for your wedding season!

Brown hair colour styles to choose from

In today’s world, we are all about following the latest fashion trends. Now with Spring 2022 approaching with a hoard of new fashion trends, this is the best time to give your hair a makeover. And brown is the most versatile hair colour shade that can easily take you from one season to the next with minimal touch-ups required. We have some hair colour suggestions that are very much in vogue in the fashion world. Bold or muted, classy to sassy, you will surely have some options in this list that will appeal to you:

  1. Cherry Chocolate Brown

Something that has both “cherry” and “chocolate” can never go wrong. And this hair colour style surely lives up to its name. A bold and spectacular pick, this style on your hair will definitely bring out the diva inside you. If you have a black or dark brown natural hair colour, balayage highlights with this shade and some curly locks will definitely give you a sultry look with every outfit.

  1. Caramel Highlights

This again is a perfect pick for Indian women with black natural hair colour. If you wish to go for a classy and timeless style that will go well with every outfit for the wedding functions, then a few highlights with this shade will be absolutely spot on! Caramel highlights will add a depth and edge to your black mane, with a warm sheen that will earn you many compliments. You can go for a caramel brown ombre on your black hair. From lehengas to sarees, and later power suits and casual wear, this colour will never ever let you down.

  1. Copper Brown

Want something classy yet with loads of drama? Copper Brown is your shade, ma’am. With the subtlety of red and the sultriness of muted orange hues, both these colours come together to create a phenomenal hair colour shade for you. Adding a shine and edge to your dark tresses, this colour is bound to turn heads. But finding the right copper shade is not the easiest task. However, we are here to suggest you a hair colour brand that has aced the game and has come up with the perfect copper brown shade. We are talking about the newly launched Godrej Expert Rich Creme Fashion Range. They have a shade named Copper Brown that will be absolutely perfect for your needs. From balayage to ombre, this colour will suit all your needs. Now now, no reason to get worked up that this product will damage your beautiful hair. It is a no-ammonia formulation, which means no more damaged, brittle hair post colour treatment. Moreover, you get the deep-conditioning benefits of aloe vera. Goodbye dry and frizzy hair. Hello, shiny, soft, gorgeousness!

  1. Hints of Auburn

Who said subtle cannot be sexy? This rich and gorgeous shade is right here to prove everything else wrong. With hints and highlights of auburn, your black tresses get an added depth and accentuate your features and skin tone. It also adds volume to your hair and your locks look perfectly sunkissed!

  1. Ash Brown Tones

Wish to stay with brown tones but with an added drama? Ash brown should surely be your pick. Especially if you have a warm skin tone, a cool ash brown hair colour will be perfectly suitable. Not just that, while most burgundy and brown shades can turn brassy after a while, it won’t be the same with ash brown. Just a little touch-up every few weeks, and you are ready to take over the world!

  1. Dark Chocolate and Mulled wine

They say that dark chocolate and red wine are good for your heart. Apply the same combination to hair colour, and what a sight! Paired with sultry wine tones and dark chocolate brown balancing it out, you will look like a dream. From adding dimensions and depth to your hair to accentuate your features; this is a versatile shade that when done right, can take your look a notch higher and boost up your confidence. A rich balayage with these shades on black hair, and light beach curls: the ultimate manifestation of your main character energy.

  1. Bronde Balayage

Bronde is a much in-vogue term in the hairstyling universe. Genius is the people who thought of combining blonde and brown into a balayage and creating a chef’s kiss result. This is a colour that you should try when you are getting your hair done professionally. This is because the shade requires you to get the intensities right, which will be a professional’s domain. If you wanna go for a DIY with the shade, you might not end up with the desired shade. That being said, it is a colour that can be easily maintained with minimum touch-ups, and the extra bucks paid will be worth it at the end of the day!

  1. Chestnut Brown

The winters make us crave the warmth of blankets and hot chocolate. But how about adding some warmth to your natural brown mane? That is when you should pick the chestnut brown shade. With added warmth and dimension, this hairstyle will take you from this spring to the next autumn, with a few touch-ups of course, but never a dull fashion moment. Think of all the looks that this style will amp up effortlessly! Young and vibrant, this colour screams Taylor Swift’s “I’m feeling 22”, no matter your age!

We promised you a range of options, and here you go! Now all you have to do is pick the shade perfect for you and flaunt them in style.