Placing curtains on your windows does increase the beauty of the house but with the newer generation of automation and minimization, they might not be on the top of their game. nowadays preferred choices are based on control so remote or voice-activated blinds, shutters, and cornices are in demand but that doesn’t mean the curtains are outdated and why that is discussed down below.

There are various alternatives available to the traditional curtains and they might be easy to carry, easier to clean, and light on your budget but they don’t provide the benefits a curtain does. to better understand what your house needs there are different styles and materials to decide from.

curtains are used for some solid reasons, they stop the UV light from entering the house and shelter from excess heat, they also keep the heat inside and keep the houses warm warding off the cold air/wind, they also provide privacy which a lot of other alternatives compromise on. There are specific stances where these cannot be used, and we must go for other options, but they do cost more than the cost of the fabric.

as this generation is all about keeping things simple the curtains have also adapted to that, if you have any Victorian signature décor then you can go for sheer volumes of frills and fabric otherwise various lightweight curtain designs are an option for you. classic pleated curtains are the go-to option for all the homemakers. You can drape them any way you want, and they will accentuate your style. You can also install curtains made of beads and sequins either on the walls or doorways where privacy might not be the issue.

The age of industrialization may have given us many benefits, but one is also the use of synthetic fibers to weave curtains and drapes which has made the cost of these very low than of those made with pure silk or other naturally occurring materials without compromising on their quality and stability. they are easier to clean, can have the automation feature installed, and usually have less to no chances of fading over time. Most of these now also offer the blackout feature. which essentially acts as a permanent light-blocking drape making them a good option for bedrooms. curtains are also used in acoustics as they balance the noise and prevent the echo from happening, placement of heavy curtains in halls and large areas plays an important part in that.

If you are still unsure whether the curtains might look outdated at your place then combination or mix and match might be a great option for you. you can always install clean lines under your curtains to keep your room bright as well as have some semblance of privacy as well. try machine washable fabrics for your kitchen windows. matchstick blinds or window films might be another great option to bring in the outside world/natural look at your home.