5 Design Considerations For Custom Brochure Printing


Custom brochure printing is easy. However, the design that your customer will keep for future reference is not so effortless. Effective brochure design is significant only if you provide accessible information about the products and services. If your brochure is practical and functional, your client will want to use it for a long and also refer it to other customers.

Here are the five design considerations that you can include in your online printing business. It will help you make custom brochure printing and other printing services, including custom hang tags.

1. Discover Your Purpose

The first thing that you should keep in mind before designing your brochure is the objective. It will determine the brand marketing and design of the brochures. Moreover, it includes your target audience, sending brochures by hand or through email, and the benefit derived. If you discover the answers to all the questions, you can make an effective brochure design.

2. Understand Your Brochure Folds

Another thing that you should keep in mind is the folds that will carry the information about the products and services. These folds determine the design that is presented to the customer. Selecting the right fold is relatively demanding for any online printing. Therefore, the pattern of the brochure folds should be such that the customers go through every product in sequence.

3. Select The Right Font

The brochure contains the heading, subheading, and body of the text. It is advisable to choose the font accurately and limit the choices to two or three. Fonts enhance the readability of the content. Furthermore, it sets the tone and aggravates the visual appearance. Select the fonts that will resonate with the brand and the products.

4. Use High-Resolution Images

Using blurry or low-resolution images is not acceptable nowadays. For high-quality visuals, you can look for imagery on the internet. The quality of the image is crucial for effective brochure design. If you are designing custom hang tags, it is significant to use any symbol to make them look more appealing. It is advisable to hire a photographer to capture high-resolution images of the product.

5. Include CTA

CTA is the most significant section of the brochure. It is the part where you want the viewer of the brochure to take action. It is recommended that you use visual cues, more white space, and larger fonts to make it stand out. Thus, you should include a call-to-action accurately.