4 Things You Must Put On Your Business Cards

As people have gone digital, the marketing arsenals have also evolved. It includes Facebook pages, email signatures, and Twitter timelines. However, it is also significant to have Kelowna business cards when you meet people in the real world. If you are new to any business and have not attended any conference yet, business cards are an essential tool to introduce your business to your customers or partners.

In this blog post, you need to ask the print shop Kelowna to include the following things in a business card.

4 Things You Must Put On Your Business Cards

The four things to include on your business cards are:

1. Logo Header

If you have a logo for your business, you must ask printing Kelowna to include it in your business card. The onlooker sees the continuity in all the details in your business cards. Hence, you need to give your logo a top priority in your business card. For instance, you can use your logo on the business card of your company if you have multiple blogs in the business.

2. Your Business Name

The next thing that you must include in your Kelowna business cards is the name of your business. If you have a website for your company, you need to specify the name of your website. Whatever business you have, you need to include this thing in your business cards.

3. Your Name

After putting the logo header and the business name, you need to put the name of the founder, i.e., your name. People receiving your business card would love to know the name of the person behind the company. So, you must ask the print shop Kelowna to also include the name of the founder on the business card.

4. Contact Information

The last but the most significant thing is your contact information. If any of the people want to contact you for business, the business card should contain your contact information. It should include your phone number and email address so that the receiving person can contact you when in need of your products or services. It is advisable not to use multiple contact details. One professional email address and the number are enough. You may also ask printing Kelowna to integrate the physical address of your business. It will help your correspondence locate your business effortlessly. Thus, the business cards with the correct information help to generate quality leads.