4 Most Popular PHP Frameworks To Use In 2021

A platform that is used to create PHP web applications is called the PHP Framework. It has libraries with pre-packaged functions and classes and with that also the elements for software design realization. A PHP framework provides a basic structure for streamlining the development of web apps. The main use of them is to speed up the development process. It also helps businesses to fulfil their performance needs and here we are going to discuss the 4 most popular PHP frameworks that you should use.

  • Symfony: This PHP framework, Symfony was launched in 2005. It has been there for a much longer time than any other framework and that’s why it is a reliable and mature platform. It is an extensive PHP MVC framework and also it is the only framework to follow PHP and web standards to the tee. Its security mechanism is a little difficult to use and a little slower than other frameworks.
  • Zend Framework: It is an object-oriented framework completely and its features like interfaces and inheritance make it extendable. It delivers high-quality applications to enterprise clients because it has been built on the agile methodology. It is highly customizable and it complies with PHP best practices, which is helpful for developers who want to add project-specific functionalities.
  • Phalcon: It is a C extension of PHP as its source code is written in C and it is a bit of an oddity for PHP frameworks. Despite these oddities, it is one of the fastest frameworks you will ever use. It delivers consistent results that are near the top of the pack. The feature of not having any framework after installing it makes this framework unique. You can add the modules and libraries that you need at the time when you need them and it is a very uncluttered development process.
  • CakePHP: It was the first PHP MVC framework to hit the market in the early 2000s and it is still one of the best PHP frameworks you can use. With a lot of new components, the newer version of CakePHP has also been improved in performance. It also offers a set of libraries that include a lot of helpful components hence it becomes a good option if you need to implement hard-to-find features.

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